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About the Bulldogs

The Bulldogs teams were created to provide opportunity for a higher level of competition for talented and motivated area baseball and softball players with a commitment to the improvement of their skills, while instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity.  Our program focuses on consistent hard work and striving to become a better ballplayer.  We provide each player with the opportunity to learn, develop and improve their baseball and softball skills on a regular basis.  

Baseball and softball are games that requires players to develop the ability to overcome mistakes and to look forward to their next opportunity.  In order to do this, we promote and encourage an ownership attitude – where the players learn to take ownership for their own development rather than blame others or make excuses.  Teams will work hard to win games; however, the development of skills, playing at a higher level and team focused play will be the guideline for our program.

Every player will have an equal opportunity to participate and develop. This does not equate to equal playing time.  Actual playing time will vary based on positions played, roster size, and other circumstances. Coaches will use judgment in balancing the needs of individuals and the needs of the team.

Code of Conduct & Rules

As we attempt to promote the most positive experience for the players in our program, we are committed to the following standards. All players, coaches and spectators should read theses standards. As parents/guardians of a player, you are responsible for yourself, as well as, all guests and family members who attend the game.

  • No player shall use any tobacco or tobacco related product before, during or after a game on or within the playing area, including the dugout.
  • Refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct.  Players will not taunt or tease players on the opposing team.
  • All players will show respect towards the umpires and their decisions.  No player/spectator should argue a call or judgment.  Only the Manager and Coach should be questioning calls and judgments.
  • Throwing a bat, helmet, or other piece of equipment while on the field or dugout in response to a play on the field may result in disciplinary consequences.
  • Accept the coaches’ decision regarding playing positions and the amount of playing time. I understand that this is a competitive travel team and there are no guarantees for equal playing time or position.
  • Understand that the Bases Loaded Bulldogs Travel Baseball Program reserves the right to release any player from the team for poor sportsmanship by the player and/or the player’s family during games or for other reasons to include but are not limited to lack of cooperation, poor attitude, lack of commitment, effort or attendance.
  • Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory.  Players are expected to be on time and prepared to practice/play.  Any player who misses a practice/game, will sit for an entire game.  If they miss an additional practice/game, they will be removed from the team with no refund of team fees.
  • With the exception of a medical emergency, dugout visits by anyone other than the coaching staff or players is strictly prohibited at any time.
  • When you are away from the baseball field and you are wearing any type of Bases Loaded Bulldogs clothing, you are unofficially representing Bases Loaded Bulldogs Travel Baseball. Any actions or behavior which reflects negatively on this baseball organization will result in consequences. This is important at all times but especially at away tournaments (both on and off the field of play). Please remember that this includes littering, running through hotel halls, disparaging others and using foul language. This applies to anyone involved in our program.
  • If you have a problem/conflict with the Coaches, do not approach them during or immediately after a game. The types of issues that should be discussed between parents and coaches are the treatment of their child (mentally and physically), ways to help their child improve and concerns about their child’s behavior. It is inappropriate for a parent to discuss their child’s playing time, team strategy and/or play calling, positioning or placement in batting order, etc. and any issues regarding any other children on the team unless those issues relate to the safety and physical or mental well being of your child.
  • Understand and acknowledge that the player registration payment is non-refundable. If a child is dismissed or voluntarily leaves a travel team the parents are not entitled to a refund and all monies are forfeited.
  • All players and parents/guardians will follow the guidelines set forth for the team and the program.
  • Understand that the coach may impose additional rules, guidelines and/or policies. Failure to comply with the rules, guidelines and/or policies is a violation of your commitment.  Also please understand that with rules, guidelines and/or policies there can sometimes be extenuating circumstances and these will be taken into consideration by the coaching staff.