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Group Clinics

Small Group Clinics

4-week Hitting Clinics

A small clinic that will consist of at least 3 participants, no more than 4. Clinics are also conducted in blocks of four on a designated day and time of the week, for four consecutive weeks that works on all the basic fundamentals of baseball and softball hitting. $150 per player per clinic.

Pre-Season/In-Season Hitting Clinics

The Pre-Season hitting clinic is a great 9-week program to get the player ready for tryouts.  This program works on all the basic fundamentals of hitting to fully prepare the player to compete for a spot on the team!  

The In-Season hitting clinic is also a 9-week program designed to keep the swing sharp during the season and also helps us, the instructors, address any of the issues that hitters may be having during the season. $300 per player per clinic.

We also offer pitcher and catcher clinics throughout the year. Upcoming clinics are posted below.

We've Added More Dates to Our Annual Discounted Hitting Clinics!

Our first round of clinics filled so quickly that we are offering more into September!

Thursdays, beginning September 12
5:00-6:00 pm - ages 9-12 year old

Mondays, beginning September 16
6:30-7:30 pm - ages 9-12 year old

Tuesdays, beginning September 17
6:30-7:30 pm - ages 12+

These clinics are $100 per player and, as always, never more than 4 players per clinic!

Pre-season and in-season hitting clinics

Pre-Season Hitting Clinics 
- Jan. 11-March 7, Baseball & Softball, all age groups. 

In-Season Hitting Clinics 
- Mar. 15-May 17 (exc. Apr. 12), Baseball & Softball, all age groups.  

Mechanics, Strength & Velocity Clinic

The Mechanics, Strength & Velocity Program will be back again this year for ages 14+ beginning November 14. This tiered program is geared toward building proper, stable mechanics as well as increasing arm strength. This is not only for pitchers, but for position players & catchers as well. In the throwing portion of the program, position-specific mechanics will be applied as well as player-specific circuit training. The circuit training portion will target muscles that will increase strength to better stabilize the throwing arm and increase not only arm strength but also strengthen the muscle groups that support the arm & shoulder. This program will be directed by Jim  and will be individually created based on the player’s position, strength & age. The players will meet for 1.5 hours twice a week from November-March.

Call or email for more information!