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Small Group Clinics

Our small group clinics are great for improving on hitting, pitching and catching skills, building upon each week. With no more than 4 students per group, each instructor can cover the fundamentals as well as work with each students' individual needs.  4-week clinics are $150, 5-week clinics are $185 and 8-week clinics are $250.

Current Available Clinics:

 Baseball Clinics 

Tuesdays, beginning Oct. 10 - 8 weeks

6:00-7:00 - Baseball Hitting - Ages 13+

Wednesdays, beginning Oct. 11 - 8 weeks

5:00-6:00 - Baseball Hitting - Ages 9-12

6:00-7:00 - Baseball Hitting - Ages 9-12

Thursdays, beginning Oct. 12 - 8 weeks

5:00-6;00 - Baseball Hitting - Ages 9-12

6:00-7:00 - Baseball Hitting - Ages 13+

Pre-Season & In-Season Clinics

9-Week Pitching, Catching & Hitting Clinics

The Pre-Season & In-Season catching clinics will include: Blocking, footwork, receiving, catcher/pitcher communication, mental approach, footwork, exchange & release and more.  Led by Coach Bobby Acabbo, who was a two time All America East catcher at UVM and ranks in the top 10 all time for games played, at bats, hits, doubles, home runs, and runs batted in. 

The Pre-Season and In-Season Hitting clinics are great 9-week program to get the player ready for tryouts or to keep the swing sharp or address any issues hitters are having during the season.  This program is open to players of any position and will include all basic fundamentals, such as tee work, soft toss as well as live hitting; proper use of the lower half of the body, and more. 

The Pre-Season and In-Season Pitching clinics focus on building a solid mechanics foundation and healthy movement patterns while working towards performance goals.

All clinic groups are $300 per participant for 9 weeks. 

PRE-SEASON SESSION: Saturdays, Jan. 6 - Mar. 9 (no 2/24 clinic)

Timeslots TBA

IN-SEASON SESSION: Sundays, Mar. 17 - May 19 (no 3/31 clinic)

Timeslots TBA


Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Lessons are one hour long, booked in a package of four blocks. The lessons are once a week at a time worked out between instructor and client. Newcomers to Bases Loaded who are interested in private instruction may book their first hour as an introduction to Bases Loaded, and the hour is their only obligation at that time. If the client wishes to continue, a time and day will be established between client and instructor in blocks of 4 lessons once a week.

Jim: $60/hr or $240 for a block of 4
Other instructors:  $55/hr or $220 for a block of 4

 Semi-Private Lessons

This is also scheduled in a package of four. This is for clients with a friend or sibling. No more than two participants total for the hour.

$43.75/hr per participant or $175 per block of 4.

Mechanics, Strength & Velocity Clinic

This tiered program is geared toward building proper, stable mechanics as well as increasing arm strength. This is not only for pitchers, but for position players & catchers as well. In the throwing portion of the program, position-specific mechanics will be applied as well as player-specific circuit training. The circuit training portion will target muscles that will increase strength to better stabilize the throwing arm and increase not only arm strength but also strengthen the muscle groups that support the arm & shoulder. This program will be directed by Jim and is individually created based on the player’s position, strength & age. The players meet for 1.5 hours twice a week from November-March. All progress is tracked using the Rapsodo system.

Nov. 6 - Mar. 17,  Mondays and Thursdays

Timeslots TBA


Hitter's Edge

Join Coach Acabbo this off season to become a power hitter, ages 14+.

- Strength & Conditioning

- Swing Analysis

- Hand/Bat Speed

- Physical/Mental Aspects of HItting

- And much more

Mondays, Dec. 4 - Mar. 11 (Softball)

Tuesdays, Dec. 5 - Mar. 12 (Baseball) 

Wednesdays, Dec. 6 - Mar. 13 (Baseball)

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