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Vermont's Premier Travel Baseball Organization

The Bulldogs teams were created to provide opportunity for a higher level of competition for talented and motivated area baseball players with a commitment to the improvement and development of their skills, while instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity.  


Our program focuses on consistent hard work and striving to become a better ballplayer.  Our professional staff provides each player with the opportunity to learn, develop and improve their baseball skills on a regular basis through winter workouts and daily practices.  All of our coaches understand the Bulldog philosophy and that is conveyed to each player consistently.

Baseball is a game that requires players to develop the ability to overcome mistakes and to look forward to their next opportunity.  In order to do this, we promote and encourage an ownership attitude – where the players learn to take ownership for their own development rather than blame others or make excuses.  Teams will work hard to win games; however, the development of skills, playing at a higher level and team focused play will be the guideline for our program.


Every player will have an equal opportunity to participate and develop. This does not equate to equal playing time.  Actual playing time will vary based on positions played, roster size, and other circumstances. Coaches will use judgment in balancing the needs of individuals and the needs of the team. 

We recognize that each of our players have individual skills, goals and learning abilities. If you want the best for yourself or your child, you deserve the best possible coaching and training program to meet your individual goals!

Sliding Into Home Plate
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